Architectural Design Studio: Research 2

M.ARCH ARC4018YS April 21 • 9am-5:30pm • Stephen Verderber


The Architecture + Health graduate studio at the University of Toronto this academic year directly addressed the COVID-19 pandemic through the design of pop-up testing/immunizations centres and the design of 24/7 transportable surge field hospitals. The resultant thesis projects are grounded in this rapid response mode of architectural design and production. Topics range from post-disaster emergency and second stage housing, hospice and long-term care residential settings, a second-stage halfway house, and a maternity centre campus in Tanzania.


  • Yijie Dai

  • Damian Kercz

  • Jiawen Lin

  • Francesca Lu

  • Emily Moore

  • Bronte Morris-Poolman

  • Zoha Nekouian Fathi

  • Feibi Pan