Architectural Design Studio: Research 2

M.ARCH ARC3021YS April 23 • 9am-6pm • Gilles Saucier, Christian Joakim, Greg Neudorf


Anthropocene & Herd reconsiders architecture’s place not in but of the natural world. The students have researched a fundamental element of nature and its implication on architecture; creating objects influenced by this research, to inform a building that draws upon this inspiration through nature, natural processes, geology, thermodynamics, and technology. We have been exploring how we can grow or breed an urban architectural intervention to create new environments that are truly part of their physical context, but that also belong to the broader social and cultural topography. We focused on how to develop an intuition for architecture that can give creative form to the building, frameworks, and infrastructures– creating new affects that in turn allow for new possibilities for perception and experience. A long view into nature.