Architectural Design Studio 7: Thesis

M.ARCH ARC4018YS April 23 • 10am-4pm • Petros Babasikas, Co-Advisor: Michael Piper


The Archipelago Studio drew a new projective model for Architecture & Urbansim against limit conditions of the contemporary city. It modelled sites as a mesh of actors, vectors, fields, objects, and imagined organizations, cooperatives, or institutional synergies as catalysts driving social justice, conservation, public space; exploring renewal, commoning, co-ownership; pursuing civic joy and freedom. Across networked sites in Athens, Auckland, Hong Kong, the Icarian Sea, the Niagara Escarpment, and Toronto, students designed new sommons, shelter, or sanctuaries against the climate crisis and decline of the commons.


  • Irina Rouby Apelbaum

  • Jiaxin Shi