Architectural Design Studio 7: Thesis/Research 2

M.ARCH ARC4018YS April 23 • 1pm-6pm • Laura Miller


At the very least, I hope to have convinced you that, if our challenge is to be met, it will not be met by considering artifacts as things. They deserve better. They deserve to be housed in our intellectual culture [and in our architectural constructions] as full-fledged social actors.

They mediate our actions?
No, they are us.”

–– Bruno Latour

STUFF Thesis asks: How can architecture operate with greater generosity, inventiveness, and reciprocity in calibrating object - human relationships?


  • Pedram Karimi

  • Yahya Abdullah

  • Eisa Hayashi

  • Jessica Ho

  • Ji Hee Kim

  • Razieh Nasiri

  • Autumn Riggan

  • Lindsay Wu

  • Jia Zhi Xing

  • Qian Yang

Guest Notes:

Lauren Kogod, New York City 3pm-6pm
Amy Murphy, Los Angeles, CA
Peter Rose, Boston MA
Robert Levit, Toronto/Miami
Brigitte Shim, Toronto